After Further Review: Jets-Dolphins Officiating

By popular demand, we're again going to have a post after each game that breaks down some of the controversial decisions from the officiating crew in the game.

Penalty Count

Dolphins 8-62 (leading to one Jets first down)
Jets 7-48 (leading to two Dolphins first downs)

Note: This does not include penalties that are declined or off-set.

Plays where the call was obvious, uncontroversial or not visible on broadcast footage

Jets Penalties

  • Quinnen Williams jumped offside. This could easily have been called on Folorunso Fatukasi instead because he jumped too.
  • Delay of game on the field goal unit. This forced the Jets to punt rather than attempt a 56-yard field goal, shortly after Matt Ammendola had missed a 55-yarder anyway.
  • Nick Bawden illegal block in the back on a kickoff return. This was as blatant as you could ever expect to see.

Dolphins Penalties

  • Justin Coleman neutral zone infraction on an extra point. The Jets decided to accept this on the ensuing kickoff rather than having the ball moved to the one-yard line and potentially trying a two-point conversion. It's probably just as well given that they had just taken four downs to score from the one.
  • Jaelen Phillips late hit out of bounds on Ryan Griffin. A definite forceful shove while about five yards out of bounds in the Miami bench area.
  • Austin Jackson false start. Rocked forwards right before the snap. Correct call, but the officials did well to spot this.
  • Delay of game on 4th-and-1. This was just an attempt to get the Jets to jump offisde and Miami never had any intention of snapping the ball.

Penalties warranting further discussion or explanation

Jets Penalties

  • George Fant illegal formation. Fant was judged to have been so far back into his stance that he was actually off the line of scrimmage. The Jets do seem to push this to the extreme sometimes.
  • Connor McGovern holding penalty. This negated a first down run by Tevin Coleman as McGovern let go too late as his man tried to leverage into the hole. If McGovern had let go on time, his man would've made the stop but Coleman would still have got to the marker.
  • Joe Flacco intentional grounding. This was a very late flag with Flacco's pass made while still in the pocket. The ball was thrown in Jamison Crowder's direction but well over his head. The officials clearly felt Crowder wasn't in the vicinity, although if Tom Brady did the same thing they'd probably let him get away with it.
  • John Franklin-Myers roughing the passer. This negated a big third down stop and was a bad play by Franklin-Myers who shoved the quarterback long after the ball was gone. Had he not done this, Quinnen Williams and Shaq Lawson also hit him late so it might have still be flagged on one of those.
  • Jason Pinnock defensive holding. This was the biggest play of the game because it negated a Williams sack that would've forced Miami to kick the ball back to the Jets up seven with five minutes left (or attempt a 57-yard field goal and risk giving them the ball near midfield). Pinnock had his hands on the outside of the receiver briefly but he seemed to slip and fall rather than being grabbed or dragged down.

Dolphins Penalties

  • Elijah Campbell fair catch interference to negate Braxton Berrios' muff. A penalty applies if contact is made or if you obstruct the return man's path to the ball, which was pretty clear. The officials generally expect a "halo" of about a yard and Campbell was right in Berrios' lap. They should have called this even if Berrios made a clean catch, but often don't, so fumbling the catch arguably prompted them to throw a flag they otherwise wouldn't have.
  • Illegal formation on Andrew Van Ginkel on a Miami punt. For the first time all season, we're at a total loss as to what this was for. Van Ginkel was off the line in pass protection. Maybe someone else who should have been on the line was off the line and Van Ginkel's number got announced because he was closer to the line?
  • Mike Gesicki offensive pass interference. Engaged Bryce Hall as a blocker before the ball was thrown and stayed on the block until after the ball was caught.
  • Another offensive pass interference call on Gesicki. This time Gesicki was the target and pushed off very slightly on Deuce Carter but this was a soft call and you wouldn't usually expect to see a flag from that, otherwise Rob Gronkonwski would have like five penalties every week.
  • Offensive pass interference called on Durham Smythe. Smythe went nowhere near any defensive player so clearly they called the wrong number. Jaylen Waddle had a slight grab on Elijah Riley to prevent him from dropping to the flat and this drew the flag even though the pass went downfield instead.
  • Xavien Howard defensive pass interference. This was another soft call as he had a slight grab on Elijah Moore at the top of his route stem, but Moore made the catch anyway so it's a moot point.

Notable no-calls

Here were some of the notable missed calls, controversial moments or review situations. For a change this week, the Jets seemed to get a few calls in their favor.

  • The Jets twice burned a timeout in the second half to avoid a delay of game. This killed them down the stretch as Miami was able to run down the clock from nine minutes to two on their clinching field goal drive. Of course, last week, the Jets tried to get the snap off on 4th-and-1 and got flagged for a key penalty.
  • Kenny Yeboah and Sharrod Neasman each pulled out of a block to avoid a potential illegal block in the back penalty. A sign that how they've been officiated in previous games is affecting their on-field play.
  • The officials initially flagged the Jets but then picked the flag up. This was obviously for an illegal block in the back against Keelan Cole, although the officials discussed it and decided the defensive player flopped, which seemed to be the case.
  • Moore wanted a pass interference call on Byron Jones. This was a bad miss by the officials because Jones dragged him down with a handful of jersey.
  • The announcers got all upset over a Mack Hollins non-catch on a short pass at the sidelines but the officials did actually call that incomplete on the field so they had it right all along.
  • Corey Davis could also have had a pass interference call on the underthrown deep ball as Justin Coleman seemed to grab him and pull him down by the arm.
  • On a nine-yard run, Robert Hunt should've been called for illegal use of the hands as he drove CJ Mosley back by the facemask.
  • Keelan Cole was asking for a flag on Howard's near interception. There didn't seem to be any obvious interference though, other than Howard's typical physicality.

Let us know what we missed - or misinterpreted - in the comments...