Coaching vacancies contest results: Here is your winner...

It's now time to figure out the winner of our contest to pick how the coaching vacancies would be filled.

The winner, with a score of 11 points, is our site founder and technological overlord: Marcus!

Controversially, Marcus waited until several days after everyone else to make his entry, exploiting the fact that Robert Saleh was rumored to be a strong candidate for the Jets job and becoming one of only two people to correctly allocate him to the Jets (with the other being jsadolph). However, this is entirely within the rules, so please shower him with praise or admonishment in the comments section.

The more interesting battle was for second place where we had a five-way tie between Hazard, Sunset, Fatrex, Jet-UP and NYJ Turf Toe. In each case the contestant correctly allocated Arthur Smith to the Falcons and Urban Meyer to the Jags along with including Saleh on their list but allocating him to the wrong job.

On the basis of our tie-breaker, we still ended up with a tie as Fatrex and NYJ Turf Toe were the closest to Saleh's hire date. They each receive a half-bronze, half-silver virtual medal.

Interestingly, nobody picked David Culley, Brandon Staley, Nick Sirianni OR Dan Campbell to fill any of the other jobs.

Thanks to everyone who took part.