How the hell am I supposed to know who this is? - Tim White

In an occasional feature, we're going to briefly highlight any of the lesser-known players that make an impact at camp. Today, we focus on Tim White.

What he did:

The Jets issued their first unofficial depth chart of the offseason yesterday and one of the most surprising aspects was the inclusion of White as a second team wide receiver.

White has earned praise from media for always being one of the last to leave the field and has also made a series of big plays:

He was even making plays yesterday:


White's best chance of making the roster was believed to be by winning the punt returner role, although he finds himself listed as the number two behind undrafted rookie Greg Dortch on that same depth chart. Dortch had a fumble on Monday though and White has actual NFL experience in fielding punts and kickoffs so this could give him the edge.

Still, he's been impressive as a receiver too and performed well in preseason last year, so perhaps he can repeat the trick with the Jets and get some reps on offense as well.

The 25-year old White caught one pass in regular season action last year having caught six passes for 123 yards and a touchdown in four preseason games across his first two seasons.

He averaged 22.5 yards per kickoff return and 8.3 yards per punt return in regular season appearances with the Ravens last year, but will need to convince the Jets that his ball security is reliable enough for them to give him that role.

More on White:

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