Poll: Kirk Cousins - Yes or No?

With the so-called "legal tampering" period underway, the NFL teams in the mix for free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins are currently in the process of making their pitches.

Multiple reports have been flying around, some of which have been contradictory, but some media members are reporting that they've been told Cousins is expected to end up in Minnesota for about $27 million per year.

The Jets are expected to make a strong push though. Maybe if they go significantly higher, they'll secure Cousins' services.

Does the fanbase want them to do this though? Is getting a quarterback that important - and, if so, is Cousins a good enough one to warrant such an outlay with the team potentially in a position to draft a good prospect?

Let's keep the poll as simple as possible, based on a hypothetical, to get an idea of where you stand.

Elaborate on your choice in the comments.