Poll Results: "Do Nothing" is the popular approach for the Jamal Adams situation

In our poll yesterday, we asked you what the Jets should do about Jamal Adams.

Most people thought that the best approach for the Jets would be to do nothing. 47 percent of you opted for this choice.

Adams remains under contract and will be contractually obliged to report to training camp (if there is one). The team seemed to want to delay an extension until they had a better idea of the financial landscape coming out of the pandemic. Once the season is definitely confirmed to be going ahead, perhaps they will make their move.

Perhaps more telling is that not one person chose the option to "pay him whatever he wants now". As excessive as that may be, we always got a few people selecting that option in previous high profile holdouts. 28 percent were prepared to engage him in contract negotiations though.

Only eight percent were prepared to let him explore a trade with less than half of those prepared to trade him to one of the teams he expressed a preference for.

We can expect this saga to endure, so perhaps we will run another poll once things progress over the next month or so.