Poll Results: Not surprisingly, confidence in Adam Gase remains hilariously low

Each month, we've been looking at how confident Jets fans are in the head coach and general manager. With the team honing in on an 0-16 record, let's assess where Adam Gase and Joe Douglas stand.

Here were the results from last month's poll:

Douglas: JCI = 58%
Gase: JCI = 4%

Here were the results from this latest poll:

Douglas: JCI = 68%
Gase: JCI = 5%

The JCI is based on a 0-100 scale calculated from the poll responses. Here are the results so far plotted onto a graph:

Gase's shocking 25% increase in support since last month is easily explained. As you'll recall, last month we noted that if you assumed that any "Very Confident" votes were sarcastic or trolling, then his actual confidence rating would have been less than 1%. This month, if we assume the same thing, his confidence rating is literally zero. Not zero to the nearest percentage point, but actually 0.00000%.

As for Douglas, he got a nice upwards bump this month which can most probably be attributed to the encouraging play of some of his draft picks and other additions over the past month.

The next poll will be at the end of December.

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.