Postgame: Jets 10 Buffalo 27

At the end of the third quarter, the Jets were down 13-10 and had the ball. The sentiment among fans seemed to be that, however the game ended up, at least the Jets didn't embarrass themselves this week. But they totally did.

While the Bills padded the final margin with two late scores, the Jets were dominated, especially in the trenches where the (admittedly shorthanded) offensive line was nothing short of pathetic. The Jets gave up nine sacks but the offensive line were arguably even worse in the running game. Zach Wilson, who was 2-for-10 for 12 yards after halftime, could have got the ball out quicker at times, of course, but the offensive line bears the brunt of the blame this time.

The defense did frustrate the Bills through much of the second and third quarters but ultimately the Jets were still outgained by 424 yards to 53 so it was hardly anything to shout about from them. Also, 40 of those 53 yards came on one play - Wilson's outlierishly sharp fourth down touchdown throw to Keelan Cole.

Stat of the night: Somehow the Jets won the third quarter despite racking up minus-32 net passing yards.

Mercifully, the season is over and the game provides a sobering insight into how far off the level of a playoff team the Jets currently are. They end up 4-13 and look set to pick 4th and 10th in April's draft (?)

We'll be back tomorrow with in-depth analysis from this debacle so check back here early and often. Until then, here's your chance to vent.