Postgame: Jets 17 Bills 45

Heading into this game, it was difficult to know whether the Jets were an inconsistent team that could be competitive against any given opponent or just a bad team that is going to be blown out most weeks.

It's the latter.

In a game that felt like a blowout even as the Jets pulled back within a score just before halftime, the Jets were 31-3 down early in the third quarter following three Bills touchdowns in under six minutes so the game was over early in the second half.

The Jets have now given up 175 points in the last four games. By comparison, the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, for whom Joe Douglas was working for the front office, gave up 165 points all season.

Turnovers were an even bigger killer than the defensive struggles though, as the Jets had five of them including four Mike White interceptions, as the youngster's big chance to prove his previous success wasn't an anomaly had the opposite effect.

We'll be back with in-depth analysis throughout the day tomorrow, so check back here early and often. For now, though, this is your space to vent about the team.