Roster News: Jets trade WR Moore to Cleveland

Having added a receiver earlier today, the Jets made a move to clear the logjam:

The talented Moore underachieved with the Jets due to injuries and differences with the coaching staff but he flashed his potential at times. In two years with the Jets, Moore caught 80 passes for just under 1,000 yards and six touchdowns.

The pick-swap is worth approximately the same as a high third rounder per the draft value chart, which could be a bargain for Cleveland if Moore realizes his potential with them but gives the Jets another useful chip to potentially fill a hole or get a certain trade across the finish line.

It's no secret that the Jets are still looking to bring in a couple of veterans, so look out for more moves in the days and weeks ahead. The Jets seem to be moving ahead with a collection of receivers that will fit with their new starting quarterback whoever the hell that's going to be.