Roster News: QB Josh Johnson poached by Baltimore

Just when you thought the season couldn't get any worse: Disaster for the Jets' roster -

The Jets opted to protect the three least inspiring players in the organization - Matt Ammendola, Vyncint Smith and Daniel Brown - this week, leaving Johnson exposed and enabling the Ravens to bring him on board.

As Saleh correctly stated in the above clip, Johnson is "one of the elite pros in this league" so letting him go represents a monumental organizational failure. He should be a lock to be the next player voted into the team's ring of honor.

Johnson leaves the Jets as their all-time leader in passer rating (99.7) for anyone with 10 or more completions and they'd probably be in the playoff race right now if he started every game.

The move makes Baltimore a certainty for this year's AFC championship unless they opt to keep Lamar Jackson as their starter for some inexplicable reason.