Special Teams Review: Jets at Seahawks

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Seahawks. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - How Castillo can you go?

Sergio Castillo had a disaster this week, missing three of four field goals. This could potentially end his career, because Sam Ficken is eligible to return from injured reserve this week. If he isn't, though, there seems little be be gained by auditioning replacements at this stage of the season.

Pat Elflein allowed some interior pressure on one of the missed kicks. Interestingly, Elflein plays on the right and Josh Andrews plays on the left on the placekicking unit, which is the reverse of their positions on offense.

Braden Mann had touchbacks on both of his kickoffs, improving his percentage in that role. However, his punting was disappointing again as he averaged less than 40 yards per punt despite getting a lucky bounce on one. It seemed like he was actively looking for hang time but not getting enough distance.

For the Jets, Arthur Maulet and Matthias Farley were trying to generate some pressure on the left side of the placekicking defense but Blessuan Austin probably got closest flying in off the right side. Jason Myers did miss one extra point for the Seahawks.

Kick coverage - Work of Art

In kick coverage, Maulet was credited with two special teams tackles as the Jets gave up just 14 yards on five Mann punts. One of those came as he got held up by the vice but then got in on the tackle with the second wave, but the other saw him immediately tackle the return man on a short Mann punt.

Corey Ballentine was the other gunner and he got downfield to force a fair catch a couple of times, but also overpursued once.

Long snapper Thomas Hennessy was the only other Jets player credited with a special teams tackle. Ryan Griffin had a missed tackle.

Return game - Corey Blimey Guvnah

The Jets finally got something out of the return units on Sunday with Ballentine bursting free for a spectacular 66-yard return.

This was as well-blocked a return as the Jets have had all season. Griffin made the first block, followed by Trevon Wesco and then Bryce Huff and Saquan Hampton combined to take another Seahawks player to the ground. Daniel Brown blocked two players, although he was perhaps lucky not to get hit with a block in the back penalty. Noah Dawkins just about managed to slow down another potential tackler and Bryce Hager led the way downfield although he didn't really take anyone out. A few of these players have only been on the team a few weeks, which is telling.

Ballentine had a couple more kickoff returns but he slipped on one as Wesco failed to sustain his block and there was a Harvey Langi holding penalty on another. Ty Johnson also had a short return after fielding a squib kick up the field.

Even Braxton Berrios contributed this week, as he eluded the first tackler on an 11-yard punt return after Javelin Guidry had been beaten by the gunner. Berrios had to take a fair catch on another punt after Ballentine was beaten.

Ultimately, the Jets combined to generate 122 return yards in this game. They had averaged just over 50 per game in the previous 12.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...