Special Teams Review: Jets-Jaguars

We've been breaking down this week's game against the Jaguars. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Eddy when you are

Eddy Piniero remained perfect on field goals by making 42 and 20-yard kicks, but he had his first miss of the season when his extra point was blocked. Dan Feeney allowed penetration on the low kick, which has been an issue for Piniero.

Braden Mann had a busy day even though he only punted once. His one punt was a good one, though. It was a 55-yarder that bounced down at the five and was blown up inside the 10.

Mann also got the ball on a fake field goal, something the Jets haven't attempted for ages. He did gain some positive yardage but came up short on the option. Two issues contributed to this: Piniero almost certainly wouldn't have got the ball on the option pitch but he at least needed to be behind Mann so that could keep the defense honest and he instead ran in front of Mann. Also, Daniel Brown whiffed on the crucial block at the line. He perhaps missed the signal for the fake.

Mann was solid on kickoffs with five touchbacks in six attempts. His only other one was returned from the one-yard line to the 24.

The Jaguars were more successful when they ran a fake punt. Brown and Jarrad Davis got blocked off the line on the snap to the upback.

The Jets didn't really attempt to rush many Jaguars kicks in this game, perhaps because they were wary of another potential fake.

Kick coverage - Flyin' Reynolds

The Jaguars only returned two kicks - the aforementioned kickoff that was stopped at the 24 and punt that was blown up inside the 10.

On the kickoff, DJ Montgomery got credit for tripping the return man as he was the first man down. Del'Shawn Phillips was also in on the stop but didn't get credit, which is relevant because he's only one special teams tackle behind Justin Hardee for the team lead. Unfortunately for Phillips, the tackle he made on the fake punt doesn't count as a special teams tackle.

On the punt, Hardee got downfield first and slowed up the runner, who slipped out of his tackle but then got blown up by a big hit from debutant LaRoy Reynolds cleaning up.

Return game - A very Berri Christmas

Braxton Berrios became the first Jets player since Andre Roberts to return a kickoff for a touchdown as he was untouched up a huge lane on an excellently-blocked play to spark the win.

Three players - Tevin Coleman, Trevon Wesco and Nick Bawden - ran across the field to seal their men on the outside with Bawden in particular doing a great job of staying on his block. Kai Nacua, Tyler Kroft and Phillips all also made positive blocking contributions.

After this play, the Jaguars tried kicking away from Berrios, but Coleman made the most of this as he averaged 30 yards on three returns. They also tried laying one kick up short but Berrios also got good field position from this one.

Bawden had a couple more good blocks on these returns, but Reynolds and Wesco each got flagged for an illegal block.

The bad news for Berrios is that he only had one punt return. This means he now needs six returns in the last two games if he wants to qualify for the official rankings, which is unlikely. The return saw him gain 12 yards as Rachad Wildgoose got away with a hold on the gunner.

That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days...