Todd Bowles' comments to media as the Jets' mini-camp wraps

Todd Bowles spoke to the media this afternoon before everybody heads off on vacation for the next six weeks. Here's some of the main things he discussed:

On the quarterbacks: Bowles said that right now it's a competition and he doesn't consider anyone the front runner. They will decide later how to divide up the reps in camp but he noted that it was split pretty evenly in terms of reps with the first team offense. He noted that Christian Hackenberg's confidence is growing.

On new defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson: He gushed about Wilson, who he called outstanding. He described Wilson as articulate and smart and praised how well he relates to players while noting that he is still a disciplinarian. Bowles believes Wilson, who he knew professionally prior to the Jets hiring him, will be a future co-ordinator or head coach.

On rookie wide receiver ArDarius Stewart: Bowles clarified the circumstances surrounding Stewart's recent thumb and groin surgeries. The thumb was injured during rookie camp and the Jets were aware that Stewart had a pre-existing condition with his groin that was likely to require surgery in future. Although he was healthy at the time, they opted to be proactive and get that out of the way while he was set to be sidelined anyway with the thumb issue.

On veteran defensive tackle Mike Pennel: Bowles referred to Pennel as "a big man" on multiple occasions. He said Pennel has had a good spring and done some good things, remarking that he would have a future with the Jets if that continued.

On coaching a young team: Bowles talked about the need to compete but also the importance of teaching the players how to be an NFL player in a short space of time. He cited their understanding of why things were done a certain way schematically and the importance of off-field preparation as two things that they need to teach their youngsters.

On whether they'll sign any tryout players: Bowles said they would discuss that later. From the sounds of it, they have no immediate plans to do so but would at the very least be adding a few guys to their watchlist in case they have injuries down the road.