Nuggets from OTA practice #4

The Jets were back on the field today with the media on hand. Here were some of the main happenings at today's practice:

  • After missing the first media-access practice, safety Calvin Pryor was on hand this time, although rookies Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye saw first team reps ahead of him;
  • Wide receiver Chris Harper was on the field for practice today. We'll have more on that later as we await confirmation that he's been signed;
  • Once again, Josh McCown was the first to get reps at quarterback. That makes sense, given that the three quarterbacks have apparently been rotating so today's session would be McCown's turn for the second time.
  • Reporters on site said McCown was easily the stand-out, as Bryce Petty struggled throughout and Christian Hackenberg got off to a rough start, although he did settle down later on; and
  • Youngsters Juston Burris and Dylan Donahue also saw some first-team reps.

We'll update you soon on anything that was said by coaches or players in the locker room.