Will the Jets cut Darryl Roberts this weekend? (Update: Yes!)

Update: Less than 20 minutes later...yes they will:

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Jets cornerback Darryl Roberts signed an multi-year contract worth an eye-opening $6 million per year almost exactly 12 months ago. However, once the full details of the contract were released, it soon became clear that there was an opportunity to get out of the deal after the first year, during which Roberts earned $4.5 million.

The Jets have that opportunity now, but there's a limited window for them to do it because he's has an injury guarantee of $2 million which becomes fully guaranteed if he's still on the roster tomorrow according to OverTheCap.com's salary cap page.

If they don't cut him now, they still might later on in the process but then that would mean that last year's contributions ultimately cost them $6.5 million instead of $4.5 million.

Roberts began 2019 as a starter but, by the end of the season, didn't really seem to be in the Jets' plans. Benched due to a combination of injuries and off-field discipline, he didn't reclaim his starting role when he returned. Even when the Jets had an injury crisis he still didn't see action at cornerback when Arthur Maulet and Brian Poole were both injured, instead filling in for Jamal Adams at safety.

If the Jets don't view Roberts as a starter, do they really want to retain him and pay him the scheduled $13.5 million over the next two seasons?

It's possible the delay could be because the Jets are trying to get Roberts to agree to a pay cut, but they're cutting it a bit fine if they don't want to be on the hook for this sum.