After Further Review: Broncos-Jets Officiating

By popular demand, we're again going to have a post after each game that breaks down some of the controversial decisions from the officiating crew in the game.

Buckle up, because a Jerome Boger crew was working this game, which invariably means there's more to discuss than usual...

Penalty Count

Broncos 8-94 (leading to two Jets first downs)
Jets 11-118 (leading to seven Broncos first downs)

Plays where the call was obvious, uncontroversial or not visible on broadcast footage

Jets Penalties

  • Roughing the passer on Tarell Basham. Two steps after the pass was released and with forcible contact up high. A no-brainer.
  • Alex Lewis holding at the point of attack to negate a 13-yard Frank Gore run. Lewis lost leverage and grabbed his man's jersey to prevent him from filling the hole.
  • 12 men in the huddle. This was shortly after Joe Flacco entered the game.
  • Alec Ogletree personal foul. Blatant late hit as he lit up an offensive lineman after the whistle.
  • Bradley McDougald personal foul. Late hit around the head and neck area on Jeff Driskel as he slid short of the marker.
  • Ogletree offside on 4th-and-18 in the last minute. Misjudged the snap count and was in the neutral zone as the ball was snapped.
  • Steve McLendon roughing the passer. Blatant helmet-to-helmet hit.

Broncos Penalties

  • LeVante Bellamy personal foul on a kickoff. Automatic call for the double-team block on La'Mical Perine.
  • False start on Nick Vannett. Jumped a half-beat early.
  • False start on Jacob Bobenmoyer. The long-snapper flinched, causing Basham and Harvey Langi to jump offside.
  • Brett Rypien called for intentional grounding under heavy pressure in the fourth quarter. An obvious call as there was no Broncos player anywhere nearby and he was still in the pocket. What's unclear is why it took so long for the flag to come out.

Penalties warranting further discussion or explanation

Jets Penalties

  • Blessuan Austin pass interference. No question that Austin lost sight of the ball and dragged his man down to prevent him from making a play on it, but the pass was pretty high and could have been considered uncatchable.
  • Two penalties on the same punt - Frankie Luvu for holding and Kalen Ballage for running out of bounds and not returning immediately in-bounds. Luvu at most seemed to shove his man to the ground as he looked to prevent a punt block.
  • Quinnen Williams roughing the passer. This was that same call where Williams landed with his weight on the quarterback after an obvious clean hit aka "Illegal Use of Gravity". On the same play, Marcus Maye let Noah Fant leak in behind him and bear-hugged him to draw an obvious hold, anyway.
  • Williams with another roughing call to negate his own sack. The quarterback was already going down as Williams inadvertently reached over to make the tackle and got his hand caught in the helmet aperture. Really unlucky. This was originally called erroneously on Basham.

Broncos Penalties

  • Joe Jones personal foul to negate a missed field goal. Jones tried to clamber over the long snapper and made contact with the head and neck area, which is penalized because the long snapper is a defenseless player until he gets up into his stance after the snap.
  • Ryan Glasgow holding on John Franklin-Myers. This seemed harsh as although he reached across his man's chest, he resisted the temptation to grab a handful of jersey.
  • Michael Ojemudia pass interference on deep throw to Jeff Smith. Ojemudia grabbed Smith's wrist and pulled it down right before the ball arrived but otherwise this seemed like reasonable hand-fighting and, if anything, Smith was closer to transgressing by grabbing a handful of jersey. The ball was marked at the 20, suggesting the call was made based on something earlier than the wrist grab at the 15.

Notable no-calls

There were a lot of other controversial decisions, no calls, booth reviews and so on. Let's bullet-point a bunch of these.

  • Blatant missed hold on John Franklin-Myers on a long pass that almost went for a touchdown.
  • Blatant missed hold on Frank Gore as he pulled back Josey Jewell to prevent him from tackling Sam Darnold on a keeper.
  • Two generous spots gave the Jets a first down on a Perine run and a Jamison Crowder catch. The latter was overturned on replay.
  • Gore lost two fumbles but was correctly ruled down each time.
  • When Darnold was injured because Alexander Johnson slammed his body to the turf on a sack, this should have been a personal foul. Johnson later did the same thing to Gore, who took exception.
  • Did Jerry Jeudy commit offensive pass interference on the touchdown where the ball went through Pierre Desir's hands? He pushed Desir in the back as the ball arrived, but this wasn't a forcible shove and could probably be seen as just positioning his hand to battle for position and he hit Desir in the head, but this seemed inadvertent. These things affected Desir on the play, but didn't warrant a flag.
  • The replay booth correctly overturned Desir's first interception as he was initially ruled to have been out of bounds on his diving catch but had his toes in the turf as he caught the ball.
  • The officials picked up a flag for pass interference in the end zone as a Darnold throw was short and deemed uncatchable. This seemed fair, but Darnold was hit around the head/neck area on the throw with no roughing call.
  • The officials granted the Broncos a timeout on a play where the play clock seemed to have expired.
  • Finally, Melvin Gordon was initially ruled down on his first touchdown but the replay showed he clearly wasn't downed before he reached across the goal line.

Let us know what we missed - or misinterpreted - in the comments...