In-depth analysis: Bollinger Bowl XVI (Part Three - Special Teams)

We've been breaking down the final preseason game. Earlier, we broke down the offense and defense. Now we wrap up with a look at the special teams.

Let's review the key contributions...

Kicking game - Here comes your Mann

Punter Braden Mann had a solid performance with decent hangtime and distance to net over 50 yards on two of his three kicks. The third was fine too, as it was a 45-yarder with no return as this was one of Mann's most consistent performances of his career so far.

Matt Ammendola seems to have locked down the kicker role after again making all three of his kicks. On kickoffs, he had three touchbacks and dropped two short, presumably by design. It's not impossible the Jets could bring in a kicker off waivers or stick one on the practice squad for emergencies, but it would seem unfair for Ammendola to lose the spot after being as good as could have been expected in preseason.

In the Eagles kicking game, Noah Dawkins brought some pressure when rushing their final punt of the game.

Kick coverage - Rolling Pinn

Jason Pinnock made his return this week and was one of the standouts in kick coverage as he made a stop at the 20 on a kickoff and was the first man downfield on a punt as the return man had to make a fair catch.

Del'Shawn Phillips was making his first appearance of the preseason and he got downfield well to make a stop at the 22 despite a short kickoff. Bennett Jackson got downfield first to slow up the return man.

In punt coverage, Hamilcar Rashed made a tackle after DJ Montgomery had got downfield well as the gunner, but didn't break down and missed the tackle. Elijah Campbell was the only other player credited with a special teams tackle.

Return game - Brax gets back on track

The Jets actually got some good contributions from their return game this week with Braxton Berrios back in the punt returner role and sharing the kickoff return role with Vyncint Smith.

Berrios, who hasn't impressed on kickoffs in the past, had a couple of good returns as he got out to the 30 on one and nearly to the 40 on another. Berrios also smartly fielded a punt and cut across the field for a 21-yard return, but that was negated by a penalty.

Smith broke three tackles on his first two returns, one of which was called back for a penalty. He then made a bad decision to run one out of the end zone late in the fourth quarter.

Milo Eifler got flagged twice, for holding and an illegal block in the back and Chris Herndon had a missed block on a kickoff. Javelin Guidry got beaten downfield by the gunner on one punt.

There were some good blocks too, though, from the likes of Jeremiah Valoaga, Dawkins, Trevon Wesco and Hamsah Nasirildeen. Hopefully the fact they seem to be trending upwards in the return game foreshadows some big plays in the coming weeks.

That's it for this week's game. If you'd like us to cover anything in more detail during the week, please let us know.