In-depth analysis: Jets-Giants - Preseason Week 3 (Special Teams)

We're still breaking down how every Jets player performed in yesterday's game, wrapping up with the special teams units.

Kick Coverage - 'Shawn-footed

Del'Shawn Phillips continues to produce on special teams, as he was in on the tackle for both Giants kickoff returns, which were stopped at the 27 and 20-yard line.

Justin Hardee was also credited with a special teams tackle on one of those two kickoff returns. They were the only two returns the Giants had all day. Bryce Huff also got downfield well on one of these plays.

Irvin Charles had a missed tackle on one of those kickoffs and also got downfield well as the punt gunner to force a fair catch. The other two punts went out of bounds and into the end zone. Denzel Mims was the first man down on one of those.

Return Game - Jackson Thrives

Braxton Berrios handled one punt and made a decent 18-yard return, but Jermaine Johnson committed a block in the back penalty to negate most of the yardage on that one.

Otherwise, Calvin Jackson handled these duties with a couple of fair catches and one good return for 19 yards after the Giants' punter outkicked his coverage. Hamsah Nasirildeen, whose blocking was poor last week, made a good block there.

On kickoffs, Tevin Coleman was back deep a few times, but each of them were touchbacks. Zonovan Knight did get to return one, breaking a few tackles, but failing to get past the 25 as Mims failed to sustain his block.

Kicking - Aging like a fine Zuerlein

Greg Zuerlein has the kicking job locked up and, thankfully, he looked good this week in that role. He impressively nailed a 49-yard field goal and three extra points.

For the first time, Zuerlein also kicked off this week. Two of his kickoffs were returned from the goal line and the other went for a touchback - actually hitting the crossbar.

Braden Mann took over on kickoffs in the second half, though. Each of his three kicks went for a touchback. It's unclear who will have this job during the regular season.

Mann punted three times. First of all, he disappointingly put the ball into the end zone from midfield. After having had one last week that landed on the two yard line but then bounced into the end zone, he hit it with backspin this time, but it landed a yard deep. Later on, he put a decent punt inside the 10 from his own half, leading to a fair catch. His final punt was a bit of a shank, a 40-yarder that landed out of bounds.

In preseason as a whole, he was a little inconsistent, but it's difficult to read too much into it, because he was presumably instructed to work on certain things and to set up the coverage units.

Finally, on one Giants punt, their punter dropped the snap before getting his kick off. Charles was the closest man on the punt rush but reacted too slowly to put him under pressure.